About Dive EXUMA!

So what is Dive EXUMA!? Good question… It’s an online magazine devoted to providing the latest and greatest news and information for and by scuba divers and other visitors to the Exumas.

Exuma mapGreat! So what the heck are the Exumas?? You may not have heard of this pristine archipelago but that is all beginning to change. This island chain is a part of the Bahamas. It starts at about 95 miles southeast of Nassau and extends over 120 miles. The two main islands are Great Exuma and Little Exuma towards the southern end of the archipelago. The Exumas have arguably the most beautiful beaches in the world and the water is indescribably gorgeous -turquoise and crystal clear – look at some of the photos in the photo gallery and you will see! Better yet, grab your passport and gear and head out! There are several dive sites throughout the islands, including wrecks and blue holes but there is still much of the area that is yet uncharted. What will you discover?

People are starting to discover the beauty of the area; several movies have been filmed in the Exumas including 2 Bond films and one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. And some celebrities, too, have been buying up islands – but that’s OK – there are still plenty to go around. The Exumas are just starting to be discovered but that hasn’t spoiled the warm welcome you will receive from the helpful locals, the “old Caribbean” feel or the natural beauty that is all around you in this group of islands.

We all know that divers are a social group and we love nothing better than to talk about our adventures. Dive EXUMA! provides the opportunity for you to do just that. You can add your photos of Exuma and your dives to share in our photo gallery. You can tell us about your experiences in the Exumas by submitting your own news stories. And as much as we love diving, we know that you can’t dive ALL the time so feel free to share stories of all the other great things the Exuma lslands and Cays have to offer. So register now and… dive in!